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Manufacturing Process

Louisiana Steel utilizes a sink drawn process, in which a round tube is pushed or pulled through a die or a set of rollers to produce the desired shape.  This process is conducted at ambient temperature and relies on pressure to change the shape.  Louisiana Steel utilizes four draw benches rated from 25 to 500 tons of draw capacity to perform these operations. These benches produce a finished size range of 1.312" to 16" outside diameter on rounds, and .750" to 12" on square and rectangular equivalents.  Louisiana Steel is able to utilize its vast selection of tooling to produce virtually any size within its range, from one piece to several truckloads, often with no additional tooling cost.

Featured Case Study

May 12, 2015

A distributor came to Louisiana Steel looking for a receiving tube for a telescoping application after their original supplying mill had gone out of business. Louisiana Steel was the only mill able to produce the exact dimensions needed along with the precise tolerances that were required for the insert tubes to slide effortlessly in and out of the receiving tube.

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