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Metric Steel Tubing

Louisiana Steel is one of the few steel mills in the U.S. who manufactures round, square, and rectangle metric steel tubing.  We take an existing round tube that is produced and run it through our cold drawn process.  We have an extensive set of tooling for rounds, which allows us to do almost any size from about 20 mm to 400 mm in outside diameter.  Tooling is also available for squares and rectangles from 20 mm to 300 mm, with up to a 25mm wall in many cases.  Custom tooling is reasonable compared to traditional mills.

Because of our manufacturing process, we are able to produce metric steel tubing material in longer lengths and in smaller quantities than many of the foreign mills.

By utilizing hard to find metric tubing from Louisiana Steel, this Scandinavian manufacturer of earth moving equipment was able to eliminate proposed reengineering costs when they relocated production to the U.S.

Featured Case Study

May 12, 2015

A distributor came to Louisiana Steel looking for a receiving tube for a telescoping application after their original supplying mill had gone out of business. Louisiana Steel was the only mill able to produce the exact dimensions needed along with the precise tolerances that were required for the insert tubes to slide effortlessly in and out of the receiving tube.

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